E196 Q203 What is temptation?

Temptation is any enticement to turn from faith in God and to violate his commandments.(Proverbs 1:8–19; James 1:14–15) Support the podcast here on Buy Me A Coffee (similar to Patreon)


CONTENTS OF THE KIGALI COMMITMENT: Our Fellowship Together The Authority of God’s Word The Current Crisis in the Anglican Communion The Failure of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Other Instruments of Communion Call for Repentance Support for Faithful Anglicans Appropriate Pastoral Care Resetting the Communion Our Future Together

E193 Q200 How do you forgive others?

Forgiveness is a decision of my will and an attitude of my heart that seeks the good of my neighbor, and chooses not to hold against them the damage they have inflicted. I forgive whether they have asked for forgiveness or not.