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Our generation faces a spiritual battle of deep importance over the identity of men and women made in the image of God.


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The Anglican Principle as to Truth

From The Catholic Religion by Vernon Staley Published in 1893 as part of the Anglo-Catholic movement. View this post on Instagram #tradition #ChurchFathers A post shared by Richard Reeb: Amateur Anglican (@richard_reeb) on Aug 28, 2019 at 7:55am PDT

John Scotus Erigena and the Hole in Our Socks | Blog | Think Theology

Carl Trueman summarises the way John Scotus Erigena, perhaps the greatest thinker of the early Middle Ages, approached the problem of evil: — Read on thinktheology.co.uk/blog/article/john_scotus_erigena_and_the_hole_in_our_socks Was listening was a church history lecture and this topic came up. Interesting imagery.

Ancient Faith Study Bible

A new Study Bible using the commentary of the Early Church Fathers

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My apologies for not writing much at all recently. I’m working on a podcast to share with you all. I

Why I Wear a Cross, Visibly

In the United States, and most “Western” countries generally, there does not exist a distinct method of dress for Christians.

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