Dead on arrival

The Eucharist by Alexander Schmemann – finished reading it

Schmemann’s main point, in my reading of the book, is this: The Eucharist is the entire service, the whole of the Liturgy.

Listen to the Critics

What your enemies could be telling you

Death and Life

Are you ready to die?

Day 30: It is finished

Reflecting on the Cross

Day 19: Barely Beating the Buzzer

Let no man tear asunder what God has put together

Day 14: A Pastoral Letter on Charlottesville 

My Bishop’s letter on Charlottesville

Day 10: Say No To All Forms of Racism, Sexism, Ethnicism, Elitism, etc. 

Put on Christ

Day 9: Procatechesis

A short summary of St. Cyril’s Procatechesis