Athanasian Creed

Essential for our day

The Eucharist by Alexander Schmemann – finished reading it

Schmemann’s main point, in my reading of the book, is this: The Eucharist is the entire service, the whole of the Liturgy.

New Role for me

Anglican life is full of traditions

A Tale of Two Kingdoms by Michael Horton

There is no better time to refresh our memories about the “two kingdoms” doctrine than at election time in the United States, when American Protestantism often seems divided more by … — Read on

Why Anglican?

Wherein I explain the Anglican portion of Amateur Anglican

Do not Resent, do not React, keep Inner Stillness

Quiet your soul

Ash Wednesday falls on St. Valentine’s Day

Repent! And Love properly, divinely.

Dig them weeds out

Feed the Seed

My Absence

What I’ve been up to