E71 Q83 How does the Church exercise its authority to judge?

The authority Christ gave to his Church to judge is most often exercised by declaring God’s forgiveness in absolution. However, a priest, acting under the authority of the bishop, may suspend a person from receiving Communion because of scandalous and unrepented sin, in order to draw them to repentance and restoration.

E38 Q45 46 47 Was the world God created good? If so why sin, and what are its consequences?

Yes. God created all things and called them “very good” (Genesis 1:31). However, through sin, evil and death have come into the world and corrupted it. Adam and Eve rebelled against God, thus bringing upon all humanity pain, toil, alienation from God and each other, and death. I have inherited this fallen and corrupted human nature; consequently, I too sin and fall short of God’s glory. Because of sin, those apart from Christ are spiritually dead, separated from God, under his righteous condemnation, and without hope.