Dead on arrival

The Sexual Assault Scandal in the Roman Catholic Church

A time to mourn

Death and Life

Are you ready to die?

Day 2! Wherein Richard visits a deconsecrated church…

My thoughts on the death of small church communities and where we Anglicans go from here.

Between Two Criminals 

Last Sunday our church had a dramatic reading of Luke’s account of the trial and crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ (see scripture below).  Maybe I’m a bit dull, but I never saw the simple choice that is presented in that recounting of the death of our Lord. Jesus, the God-man without stain or blemish, is raised on a cross between two criminals meeting their just end.  One hurls insults and derision on Yeshua, (Jesus’s name in Hebrew.) He mocks him, in the same manner that the religious elite do, “save yourself”…. Read More

The Mysterious

I’m in the middle of a book on Eastern Orthodoxy. It’s a rather odd experience. It’s a lot like going to a new destination, a new place, a far off place. Rather like my first trip to visit Guatemala, my wife’s native country. I flew a red eye flight from LA to Guatemala city. It was 1992 and I deboarded the airplane down one of those stairways out of a 1950’s movie. Right onto the tarmac and then walked inside the building. It was still rather dark. When I arrived at the… Read More

Catechism: Lessons in Truth

So, like I said in my Tinker Bell post, I am reading a lot. The current book is titled “Grounded in the Gospel” a book on teaching the basics of the Gospel. “Building Believers the old fashioned way” is the subtitle of the book,. I really, really like this book. So much I bought my best friend a copy. And, since I had bought it on kindle, I bought myself a paperback copy too. I plan on using it, marking it up and otherwise. The book also includes a short chapter on… Read More

Jews. Etc.

A Jewish Journalist walked the streets of Paris and got a whole lot of hate thrown his way. I wish I could say I was surprised. It has been growing, but now it is full throttle. Satan hates Jews. They have been singled out time and again in history. Now ISIS is targeting Christians as well. Arab nations have long repressed Christians too. I am typing this up at lunch, so this will be short. The lines have been drawn. It appears as though Satan has taken off his mask and is… Read More

All things must come to an end

Today was a wonderful day. And a sad one. And a happy one. Enjoyed a great worship service. Led by a friend who used to be the Worship Leader at church. He was fired by our church, for reasons unknown. Still a mystery to me. Anyway, he needed to have a video of his leading worship to assist in his job search. So everyone there tonight was a friend of his. And they wanted to be there. Absolutely glorious worship. God the Father focused, Jesus the Son of God praising, Holy Spirit… Read More