Death and Life

Are you ready to die?

Work and the curse of the daily grind

How should Jesus change how we think about work?

Day 10: Say No To All Forms of Racism, Sexism, Ethnicism, Elitism, etc. 

Put on Christ

Day 6: On Traditions

Wherein I try to explain why traditions matter

Day 3

Wherein Richard Rambles trying to think of something relevant and then KLM’s blunder helps him out

Day 2! Wherein Richard visits a deconsecrated church…

My thoughts on the death of small church communities and where we Anglicans go from here.

Anglican 30 day blog life

So I was recently listening to the Always Forward podcast for ACNA Church Planters. The priest who runs the “Anglican Pastor”, Fr. Greg Goebel, was being interviewed and he encouraged church planters to try blogging for 30 days. Well, I’m not currently a church planter nor do I have plans to be one (God may have other plans, but that goes without saying). So, I will try this. I’m a refugee from the Episcopalian Church essentially. I grew up in it until my early 20’s, but left it because I had never… Read More

ACNA Provincial Assembly 2017

The recent provincial assembly was a time well spent. My wife wasn’t that thrilled that I was spending all day at the event, but she appreciated some of the information I brought home. I would say the most impactful thing I encountered was the couple who are using their garage as a church. They deliberately moved to a low income neighborhood. They went intentionally knowing the lack of resources available to those who live there. It initially started as Sunday bible time with the smaller kids in the neighborhood who were making… Read More

Yes, God does have a sense of humor!

Wow, do we stress. I mean from what to eat to what to wear to what to say. Worried all the time, how will the kids do, how will this thing go at work, will he/she like me, can we have children, should we have children, when should I retire, should I retire, etc. But, these should be called fears. We like to do that, you know, rename stuff. They are no longer “problems”, but instead “issues”. Blind is “sight impaired”. Don’t get me started on the whole “challenged” thing. “Ethically challenged”… Read More