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E91 Q101 What does the word “communion” mean?

“Communion” means being “one with” someone in union and unity. For Christians, it refers to the unity of the three Persons within the one Being of God, to our union with God through our union with Christ, and to our unity with one another in Christ.

E89 Q99 Why is the Church called “apostolic”?

An apostle is one who is sent. The Church is called “apostolic” because it holds the faith of the first apostles sent by Christ. In continuity with them, the Church is likewise sent by Christ to proclaim the Gospel and to make disciples throughout the whole world.

E86 Q96 In what sense is the Church “one”?

The Church is one because all its members form the one Body of Christ, having “one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all." The Church is called to embody this unity in all relationships between believers.