Labor Day

Why do we have this holiday?

Day 17: Short Post

Basically a post to technically get a post in

Day 7: Rest

Wherein I basically admit this will be a short post

Sunday, first day of the week, the Lord’s Day

Happy top of the week to you! Today is not the Sabbath. Saturday is, or more precisely, Shabbat is, which was yesterday. If you grew up thinking, or understanding or being taught, that Sunday is Sabbath, it’s easy to understand why. Because the religious leaders said it was. Now, it can be taken as a Shabbat, but it isn’t The Shabbat, a literal day in the calendar week. It’s a rest, a break, the cessation of work activity. The Command in Leviticus requires also that your animals take a rest too. Rather all encompassing, isn’t it? Paul… Read More