The Problem Is Enmity, Not Ethnicity

The Problem Is Enmity, Not Ethnicity The Problem Is Enmity, Not Ethnicity — Read on

Ash Wednesday falls on St. Valentine’s Day

Repent! And Love properly, divinely.

Dig them weeds out

Feed the Seed

Work and the curse of the daily grind

How should Jesus change how we think about work?

Labor Day

Why do we have this holiday?

Day 14: A Pastoral Letter on Charlottesville 

My Bishop’s letter on Charlottesville

Day 12: True Peace

Wherein I make an appeal to self control

Foundational Faith

Wherein I strive to explain how to get to the foundation


I just spent the last week modifying my two bedroom apartment into a three. I took a week off of work, to work. It was that realization that got me thinking. I enjoyed the work. Don’t get me wrong, there are days I enjoy my job. But let’s face it, all jobs have tasks we would rather not perform. But this task at home was of my choosing. Generally at my pace and on my timetable. I could see the results of my work. It bore fruit. I think it is important… Read More