There are days where you swear you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed. Today was one of those. I’m not talking like just a bad day, I’m talking I haven’t had a day this bad in years.
I was worked up about something. But, the exact cause eluded me for hours. I’m in my early 40’s, is this a midlife crisis? Is there some medical problem? Am I just fed up with my job or my boss? I felt scared and frustrated and just plain alone.
Wow, what a roller coaster. Not much work was accomplished today. At least by my standards.
Then, of course, it struck me. I hadn’t taken the problem to Jesus. I was busy trying to fix it myself. I prayed at my desk for just a minute. But immediately the darkest burden lifted. By the time I got home two hours later I was clear headed. After dinner my patient wife lovingly walked and talked with me.
Now, I’m not going to divulge too much personal junk here, but suffice it to say we have a better grasp and are working together on a solution, this time in prayer.


  1. Thanks for your posts. They’re helpful and inspiring.
    A couple of months back I was really struggling to get through an assignment I’d been given by Jesus. I’d work at it a bit, and then fall into doubt about what I was doing. It was heavy, oppressive, and not much fun.
    I took the matter to the Lord in prayer…actually I was whining.
    Imagine my surprise when I sensed Him saying, “I’ve given you the armor. I’ve given you authority over all the works of the evil one. You know what to do. I do not wish to hear you on this matter anymore!”
    Everything changed. I stood firm in the authority He’s given His children and that was the end of the matter. That was amazing.
    “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood…” Too bad we don’t remember that more often.


    1. Thank you for my first comment on one of my posts. I’m very glad my ramblings have been of use to you. To God be the glory.
      The interesting thing is this: the bible is replete, just full of people who did this too. It is sadly the human condition. Busted and broken are we. As “modern” people we also prefer a more scientific answer. Satan knows this and constantly uses it to his advantage. I find it instructive that the first fruit of a revival is always prayer. Grace and peace to you.


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