I just spent the last week modifying my two bedroom apartment into a three. I took a week off of work, to work.
It was that realization that got me thinking. I enjoyed the work. Don’t get me wrong, there are days I enjoy my job. But let’s face it, all jobs have tasks we would rather not perform.
But this task at home was of my choosing. Generally at my pace and on my timetable. I could see the results of my work. It bore fruit.
I think it is important to remember that the ground was cursed because of Adam’s sin. Work was cursed. It will bear fruit, but at a cost.
Our jobs become routine and it is easier to focus on the “thorns and thistles” and the “sweat of our brow” than the fruit it produces.
Now, was my week without sweat? Uhm, no. But the reward seemed worth it.
Is my relationship with people without sweat? With my wife? My children? My neighbor? My coworkers? My employees?
What is God seeking for us to learn from His curse of the ground? For we know He disciplines those whom He loves.
First, there is a cost to disobedience.
Next, that a task great enough and good enough is worth the sacrifice of thorns and thistles twisted into a crown and sweat dripping from your body as the Son of God takes the sin of all mankind upon himself to restore that which was lost.


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