A Jewish Journalist walked the streets of Paris and got a whole lot of hate thrown his way.
I wish I could say I was surprised. It has been growing, but now it is full throttle. Satan hates Jews. They have been singled out time and again in history. Now ISIS is targeting Christians as well. Arab nations have long repressed Christians too.
I am typing this up at lunch, so this will be short.
The lines have been drawn. It appears as though Satan has taken off his mask and is roaming freely.
It reminds me of the world pre-WW2. Hitler is busy gobbling up Europe. The German intelligentsia have been reeducated to think Jews are less than human.
Our intelligentsia believe there are no moral absolutes. Our leaders think a carrot and stick will work with these barbarians.
The days are dark my friends. Stay in the light while there is light. Lean on Him in whom light lives. We may lose our heads, but our salvation is Secure in Christ Jesus.

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