I’ve seen some speculation that we are entering the End of Days. Before I start, let me say this: I sincerely hope not. Yes, I do want the Lord to return. But at the same time I want as many to be saved as possible. Plus, I’m slightly apprehensive about losing my head. I would take death over renouncing my Lord, but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s scary.
So, ISIS. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, they go and do this.
Burning people alive and organ harvesting. Now they are one upping the Chinese, who have been busy harvesting from their dissidents for years. Again, this is EVIL. I’m amazed I have to say it. They behead men. They crucify children. They kill Christians and Jews with equal fervor. And any Muslim that stands in their way. It very much looks like the fulfillment of Revelation to John. The world powers seem relatively disinterested in doing anything serious about these atrocities.
What is a Christ follower to do? Same as yesterday my brothers and sisters. Pray. Watch. Wait. Love your Neighbor. Love Justice and Mercy. Obey the Lord. Be strong in Christ my friends.

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