As I write this my wife sits next to me in bed wondering why I expend the effort in writing when a sum total of about 4 people will end up reading it. I’m not sure either, but I’ve got to get it out. And Mozart plays in my ears, as it turns out it helps me focus by listening to music, but no words. The thoughts turned to words are the chorus.

Which ends up revealing an awful tendency of us humans. To quote Agent Smith from the movie The Matrix “me, me, me, me, me.” He is busily making replicas of himself in the computer world to take it over. The world turns progressively more dark as he fills the world with more of himself.

Since the movie series is intended as a tour de force of philosophical and existential thought, it only makes sense that this imagery is there. But, it perfectly describes the world in which we live. The devil/Satan/Lucifer is loose, busy making a wreck of things. Why? Well, the bible is not exactly brimming with answers as to his exact thinking. It’s brimming with descriptions of God’s faithfulness in the face of constant and unrelenting human unfaithfulness.

And let’s be honest, we aren’t very good at running this place. Part of the problem is our inherent selfishness. We are worried about ourselves. What do I want? Physical pleasure, more food, better food, sweeter food, saltier food, meatier food, money, power, fame, knowledge, authority, cool stuff, etc., etc.

Like I opened in the beginning, I was thinking about myself. I was interested in telling interesting facts about myself. Partly out of a desire to be known, but because I like myself. But that’s not the point of this blog. My intention when I started this blog was to help describe my own growth as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, but with an eye towards helping disciple others. Too bold? Probably, who am I really? In the grand scheme of things I’m nobody.

But I serve an infinite God, the self existent one, the Living God. The perfect being in whom all goodness rests. So, for Him to think on himself is to think on perfection. If I desire any good thing, it is to gaze upon His perfection. When I wonder why something is happening to me, what I’m really saying is God doesn’t know what He is doing.

And let’s examine that. He who made all things, knows all things and sees the end from the beginning isn’t surprised by anything. He knew my parents before I was born, he knows my life better than I do, he knows the events surrounding my life with perfection, the events in the lives around me, their thoughts, their wants, desires. He knows what the weather will be, what is was like, what it is right now. Everywhere, in everything and above everything.

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