So, here I am cruising at 35,00 feet, or whatever the cruising altitude is for this trip. I’ve been practicing daily morning prayer for over a year now. I am most acutely in need of it on work days. My tendency to over do it. My tendency to depend on myself at work, to drive myself and others, to use strong words and not grace filled ones is strong. I need the daily reminder of who I belong to. I am God’s. I am bought with a price. I was redeemed from the dead. Stolen back from Satan and his evil schemes. The world, wholly owned by Satan, is constantly trying to teach me something. And it’s never good. Time with scripture and the canticles and antiphons remind me I’m just me. I’m not GOD. There have been faithful followers of Christ before me and there will be after me. The prophet Ezekiel  dispaired that he was “the only one left”. GOD pointed out there were still 7000 who had not bent the knee to Baal. Seven thousand may be a depressingly small number, but it isn’t just one. 
When it comes to one and only, that’s Jesus the Lord and Messiah. 

So, I read and pray and remember my smallness. 

And that is is how I start my day, by remembering my smallness. I’m no big fish, big kahuna, no keeper of the gate. I’m a small fish in a very large ocean. 

I don’t say this out of a bleak outlook or a resignation to my fate. No, I say this in a triumphant shout against my enemy, the Father of lies. The path to life is through the narrow gate. The small gate. The path of humility. The path of obedience to our Saviour. 

<Just edited this, I thought I already had. Nope! But now it is.>

<I forgot to mention this was written on 7/19/17>

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