So I was recently listening to the Always Forward podcast for ACNA Church Planters. The priest who runs the “Anglican Pastor”, Fr. Greg Goebel, was being interviewed and he encouraged church planters to try blogging for 30 days.

Well, I’m not currently a church planter nor do I have plans to be one (God may have other plans, but that goes without saying).

So, I will try this.

I’m a refugee from the Episcopalian Church essentially. I grew up in it until my early 20’s, but left it because I had never encountered the gospel there. A dear friend led me to grace and I started going to the Baptist church he attended. But low church never felt like home to me. I had a hard time vocalizing that, but I had encountered biblical instruction only in the low church setting. 

The next few years were wandering from church to church as my wife and I moved around the hemisphere. 

After desperately trying to engage in some Presbyterian churches we ended up in an ACNA church. It was a divine appointment type thing. I went with my wife and daughter a writer event being held at the church, which was being attended by a friend (whose discernment I trust) from a previous church in the area we live now. I also had a writer whose book I had recently read, who it turns out was a member of said church.

After that visit we thought we would try the Sunday service. My wife grew up in Roman Catholic satuarated Guatemala, so a lot of the elements are identical. By the end of the service she’s crying and I’m in shell shock. A liturgical service that had the life of the gospel in it. Dripping with it. Not dead ritual, living movements in a divine dance. 

We’ve been there coming up on three years. Coming up on two years as members. It’s good to be home. 

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