This is turning into an interesting challenge. What to post about EVERY SINGLE DAY?!

I could talk about catechism. I am a huge proponent of intense and sustained teaching. The church I am a member of didn’t really require much to be a member. It was more than previous churches. But really this culture has deeply eroded the faith. Too many think they are Christians when they haven’t a single clue what orthodoxy is. 

And then KLM inadvertently struck epic level self parody. Either that or it’s a viral lost in translation error. 

Either way it’s instructive. The image is like the beginning of Romans: nature attests to God. The error is so painfully obvious:

It. Doesn’t. Work. That. Way. 

Now, certain spiritual concepts can be counterintuitive. But the natural order of things has been clearly delineated because God designed it that way. The ingrained aspects of God’s creation are meant to be on display. Again, see the first few chapters of Romans. But there’s only one buckle that will function as designed and with its intended end result: securely holding you in your seat in case something bad happens. The other ways may seem creative or fun but it WILL NOT WORK. 

So what’s meant to sound “inclusive” ends up pointing to the inherent error. If we would have only eyes to see and ears to hear. 

God Have Mercy On Us. 

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