So, in a little bit, I’m heading to a friend’s house to enjoy some smoked meats. It’s his birthday and he can smoke ’em if he wants ’em. I might smoke a cigar too.

Anyway, it has been an interesting day. Went for a long walk this morning wearing flip-flops. Bad idea, rubbed my foot half raw. So, decided to grab some coffee at our local café. I ended up in a long conversation with a brother over a loss in his life. Also talked to an old brother in the faith about his ministry and the struggles of a small town church’s pastor.

Our conversation ended up being about community, about the many ways in which it has been eroded. The church in America didn’t suffer persecution from outside. Instead it was like a slow infestation of mold in the foundation. Like an acid bath to the undergirding of the Church. Hundreds of years of tradition and practice were swept away in the name of modern progress. Away with Liturgy! Away with weekly communion! Away with regular gatherings of believers! Away with Gospel! Away with regular prayer!

And to be honest, I’m not entirely sure I even know what good community looks like. Now, I did learn a lot about community by living in Guatemala with my wife’s family. So, I guess maybe that’s what a church community looks like? Except with brothers and sisters in Christ instead of blood relations. But I’m sure some of the strife of a family would come out there too. A little sanctification never hurt anybody.

Anyway, the friend (whose birthday it is) is also a brother in Christ and the leader of the small group I and my wife are in. Some of our group will be there, along with his friends and people from the ministry he is a part of. And it will be a little bit of community. Around a friend. A little bit of rebuilding. Brick by brick. One friend at a time. One brother and sister at a time. A little Nehemiah-ish? Hmmm, there’s a thought. 

Soli Deo Gloria 

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