Hi everyone. Sorry, I’ve been caught up in other things. You’ve seen some of it worked out in the 30 day blog challenge.

It’s been about focusing on time with my wife. We actually have more time alone together than we’ve had in years. The kids are gone half the time with school and work and social lives. So, all of a sudden we have time.

Honestly we are both a little different than when we married, life experience and maturity and all that. We were just 22 (me) and 19 when we married. This year is our 25th anniversary. So we’ve grown up together. We’ve both been married longer than we were ever unmarried.

I hope to move forward with a plan for this blog. I’ve spent a fair amount of time considering how to invest my time. I’ve got more spare time, but I’ve specifically invested it in more time with my wife, in prayer and in study. What I do with this blog (and maybe more of a formal website?) with be an outcropping of those investments.

Soli Deo Gloria 


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