God’s will is to reconcile all things to himself in Jesus Christ and to establish his kingdom on the earth. His will is revealed in the whole of Scripture and especially in Jesus Christ, whom I am called to serve and imitate with my whole life. (Deuter­onomy 6:4–5; Psalm 119:1–16, 104–5; Proverbs 4:1–9; Matthew 22:36–40; John 6:39–40; Romans 8:28–30; 12:1–2; 2 Corinthians 5:18–19) Support the podcast here: http://www.buymeacoffee.com/amateuranglican

John Chrysostom
AD 407

The fashion of this world is groveling and worthless, and temporal as well. It has nothing noble or uplifting about it but is wholly perverted. The second part [of the verse] may mean either that we should be renewed, in order to learn what is expedient for us, or that if we learn what is expedient for us we shall be renewed. Either way, God wills what is expedient for us, and whatever he wills is by definition expedient for us.

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