So, yes I have been a little absent. I’ve been reading. A lot.

Some were enjoyable reads, meaning not much about personal discipline but intellectual musings on philosophy and theology. Others were deep reads, ones where I must reread and slowly digest.

The first group includes some writings by Ravi Zacharias: Jesus among other gods and Drew Dyck: Yawning at Tigers ( @drewdyck on twitter) . The second include A.W. Tozer (Man, the Dwelling place of God, The Pursuit of God), Phillip Cary (Good News for Anxious Christians)  and John Piper (Bloodlines).

As part of my own need to carefully think about the books that I have read, here is my plan: to write some on each of these books and how they affected the center of my being. I will also most likely spout off on some problems with English and written words in expounding on topics regarding The Living God and the Trinity in general. Here’s hoping I actually get this done. Grace and Peace my friends.

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