So, last time I posted I promised to write on several books I’ve read. And here it is at least a week later and I still haven’t gotten it done. Sigh.

I made a promise I couldn’t keep. At least, not yet (I tell myself).

But, it occurred to me that lies or any distortion of the truth is primary to all the rest of our sinning. Satan is called “The Father of Lies”. Thusly I have acted according to that father instead of my true father in Heaven.

Some of you are wondering why I’m being so “hard on myself”, I mean I could still write, right? While that is technically true it’s not wholly true. At what point does the delay constitute a breaking of the promise? Jesus admonished our yes be yes and our no be no. Plain, simple honest speech.

This not a long post, I’m throwing it together as I drink my morning coffee before getting ready for church on a lovely Sunday morning. So, if it has a “stream of consciousness” feel to it, well that’s either the lack of coffee or the rushed nature of it coming through. My apologies, but this topic was burning in the center of my being and had to be set free.

I hope you will forgive me for not writing the reviews (he says even though he is unsure of how many, if any, people read my blog). But The Living God sees me. And He is my master and it is His forgiveness I crave and know I will receive. He is my strength and my rock of salvation.

I hope to write some book reviews. If you are so inclined, please read them and the book. Grace and Peace

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